Kawasaki ZZR1400 (2014+) Evotech Performance Paddock Stand / Crash Protector Bobbins


Kawasaki Paddock Stand / Crash Protector Bobbins 

Because of the restricted space between the exhaust and the swing arm, Evotech Performance have chosen to produce rear spindle mounted paddocks stand bobbins.

Manufactured from aircraft grade billet aluminium and anodised black.

Evotech Performances rear spindle mounted paddock stand bobbins allow maintenance and repairs to be carried in complete comfort.

Simply attach by way of the rear spindle on anodised black aluminium brackets which replace the original chain adjuster blocks.

All fittings and instructions are supplied in the Kawasaki rear spindle mounted paddock stand / crash protector bobbin kit.

Rear Spindle Mounted Paddock Stand / Crash Protector Bobbins Fitting Advice:

We love your motorcycle as much as you do so please take note: when fitting paddock stand bobbins, ensure they do not make contact with any other part of the machine. It’ll also be worthwhile checking that there is adequate clearance when suspension is fully compressed. On top of that, make sure there is adequate clearance between the paddock stand bobbins and the silencer, especially when a non-standard exhaust system has been fitted. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the bobbins have been fitted safely and in accordance with these instructions. If in doubt, please return the paddock stand bobbins for a full refund. Please also note that paddock stand bobbins are designed to support the weight of the motorbike during storage and routine maintenance and service. They are not designed to withstand the additional weight of sitting on the bike.


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